Little King Kong Soccer Team

We express our gratitude to PX Mart's "Small Change Love Donation," enabling TFRD to organize diverse sports camps annually and establish various teams such as the Rare Little Warriors Baseball Team and the Rare Little Bowling League Team. This year, TFRD brought together RD children with a passion for soccer to create the "Rare Little King Kong" soccer team. After extensive practice, volunteers from X5 CHARITY FOUNDATION were invited to engage in a soccer match with 59 patients and their families on July 16.

For the fourth consecutive year, the X5 CHARITY FOUNDATION has collaborated on organizing sports camps, providing families with rare diseases the opportunity to enjoy a festive family sports day. Mr. Lin Si-Hong, Chairman of X5 CHARITY FOUNDATION, remarked, "Each time we witness the participation of patients and their families in these activities, their enthusiasm is palpable. We aspire for the patients to persist courageously in confronting their illnesses and pursuing their dreams."

The event not only continued to receive professional assistance from the Dothan Group, but was also joined by Roy, the soccer anchor. Roy, who also serves as the Rare Little King Kong coach, led the Rare Little King Kong team and the four coaches from AIM Creative Sports Group to put on an amazing soccer show for the audience. The show featured the hard work of the young players who spent the last few months training hard for the game.

"Thank you, TFRD, for organizing such a meaningful event. My child is a big soccer enthusiast and has been practicing diligently at home to be able to participate. Today, he finally had the chance to showcase his skills. I appreciate TFRD for providing our children with various learning opportunities and giving parents a moment to rest and relax," shared the mother of a child with Taybi Syndrome.

Translator: David Lee (Becker Muscular Dystrophy)