Book- Rare and Precious Life

In 2001, the book The Garden in A Hopeless Land portrayed the life stories of 7 rare disease patients. Years later, Rare and Precious Life carries more stories with twists and turns, featuring the challenges and difficulties faced by patients in Taiwan over the past 20 years and how they overcome the hardships to thrive and shine.

Rare and Precious Life, a book of the life stories and touching moments of rare disease patients, showing the resilience in human nature and the progress of healthcare in Taiwan regarding diagnosis, treatment and rare disease prevention. Behind every story, readers see the strength and will from families and the society, as patient groups, social enterprises, and volunteers all devote themselves wholeheartedly.
-Tsai Ing-wen, President of Taiwan

The road to relief is paved with adversities, but we’ll not walk alone. TFRD is blessed with countless help from the society, so that we can forge ahead against all odds.
-Ms. Serena Wu, Founder of TFRD

For rare disease patients in Taiwan, there’s always a silver lining after the dark night. 
-Min-Chieh Tseng, Co-founder of TFRD

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