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Employment Promotion

In order to assist rare disease patients and families to succeed in the job market and become independent financially, TFRD launched the Employment Promotion Project in 2007. The project designs employment model individually for patients or families to ameliorate their financial burden. Through patients’ social participation, TFRD aims to help them create their own careers, build up self-confidence and self-esteem, and help the society have a better understanding on rare disorders. The Employment Promotion Project cooperates with enterprises that provide opportunities for rare disease patients and families to perform their skills and receive financial support. During “Family Day of Rare Disorders,” an event held for the first time in 2015, patients and families provided a variety of delicious dishes that accommodated to patients’ dietary restrictions. Besides the Employment Promotion Project, TFRD is working on case-by-case career consultation with an aim to have more new blood to join together. TFRD wishes to expand the project and increase product diversity to meet the public’s needs.