LOVE WITH LIFE - Music Concert


The song- I love music and music loves me portrays children’s pure eagerness to sing with joy. It turns out that music is the best cure for everything. Since 2004, TFRD has established choirs composed of rare disease children in northern, central, and southern Taiwan. Over the years, these choirs have become a retreat as well as a shelter for patients where they find emotional support from family and friends.

To thank the support from all walks of life over the past 20 years, TFRD organized a tremendous concert at the Taipei International Convention Center on Jun. 9, 2019. Under the call of Paula Ma, a professional musician with over 30 years of experience, celebrities and singers including Mon-ling Wang, Christine Fan, Wan-fang Lin, Roger Yang, Allen Chao, as well as the host of the event, Bowie Tseng, all performed with the choir on stage.